End Uses

Metal Cans & Containers

What ever you pack our Inks, Coatings and Varnishes have been formulated to provide maximum protection for both the products and metal can throughout.

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Metal Caps & Closures

We provide solution for virtually all closure requirements. Our closure systems are custom formulated for a complete range of food and beverage industry.

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Plastic & Vinyl, Cans, Bottles,
Closures, Pipes & Footwear

These Inks are versatile and creative. Printing can be done manually & with Automatic Machines. Substrates can be as simple as paper and as complex as Vinyls.

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Kraft, Corrugation
Cartons, Sacks & Boards

These Inks are meant for Printing on variety of paper — Brown and White to manufacture cartoons, Boxes, Multiwall Sacks and Bidi.

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Vistar Coatinx LLP

For over 25 years since 1990 we are one of the quality Inks, Coatings & Varnishes manufacturers and distributors in the organised Metal, Plastic & Paper Packaging segments in Southern India. Our Products can be easily found every where on day to day basis from Cans to Closures and Coatings in about all walks of life. We touch your lives every day in some form or other.

Our Range of high performance products and services meet the highest standards through a process of innovation and continued developments.

Our capabilities, Production Facilities & Marketing Networks with dedicated, Qualified and experienced Team have enabled us to achieve the status of "A total solution provider to our valued clients" - Either in terms of problem identification, development or supply of specific products to meet the specific needs.

We do not make inferior quality products and neither do compete for a market share in the above segment.

Our Products are sold in bulk packing in the markets of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Orissa and Maharashtra. We do have a limited presence in the Gulf and African Markets which is being expanded gradually in the coming future.

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