Inks * Coatings * Varnishes

Metal Decoration Cans & Containers

What ever you pack our Inks, Coatings and Varnishes have been formulated to provide maximum protection for both the products and metal can throughout the shelf life.

It has excellent product release properties. Retortable and Aseptic. Abrasion resistant. Available in various shades and tones. Suitable for base coats, Interiors and Exteriors.

Inks * Coatings * Varnishes

Caps, Crowns & Closures

We provide solution for virtually all closure requirements. Our closure systems are custom formulated for a complete range of food and beverage industry. Having Versatile performance. Retortable and Aseptic. Hot Fillable. Customized Colours. Abrasion resistance. Suitable for Basecoats, Interiors & Exteriors.

Inks * Additives

Kraft / Corrugation Cartons, Sacks, Paper & Boards

These Inks are meant for Printing on variety of paper — Brown and White to manufacture cartoons, Boxes, Multiwall Sacks and Bidi Wrapers. Also used on absorbent surfaces for paper napkins and Tissues including printing on forms, Note Books and Stationery. Supplied with desired Additives to retard, accelerate and PH control.

Screen Printing Inks

Cans, Containers, Bottles, Closures, Pipes & Footwear

These Inks are versatile and creative. Printing can be done manually & with Automatic Machines. Substrates can be as simple as paper and as complex as Vinyls, Metal, EVA and Rubber. Available with Multiple Options as per customer demand.

  • Solvent and Oil based
  • Hi Gloss and Matt Finish
  • Indoor and Outdoor use
  • Opaque and transparent
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